Best Couple DP For Instagram To Upraise Your Profile

Finding that perfect couple DP for Instagram that’s cute, clever, and Instagram-worthy can be a fun creative project for you and bae. The modern IG grid offers an awesome opportunity to give followers a peek into your relationship in an artistic way. But with so many options and styles to browse through, where do you even begin? Read on for tips on snapping profile photos for the gram that are fire, not tired.

Playful Poses From Behind

Poses from behind, like back hugs, can reveal just enough intimacy while keeping it modest and PG. Shoot from an angle for more visual interest. Vary your poses – standing, sitting, one lifting another for a fun variation.

Coordinated Style Statements

Plan color coordinated outfits with matching or complementary shades. Similar patterns and textures also synchronize nicely. Go playful with matching sneakers or beanies. Or keep it sweet and simple with tonal neutral looks.

Get Silly with Props

Incorporate playful or meaningful props into your couple DP. Hold up emoji signs, finger hearts, balloons, or string lights. Display items symbolic of your relationship inside joke or favorite activities.

Loving Gazing Shots

Capture natural intimacy through a longing gaze into each other’s eyes. Gently touching foreheads builds connection. Cupping your partner’s face draws focus to this tender moment.

Clever Compositions

Creative compositions like shadows, obstructions, reflections and mirrors can take your couple DP from basic to artistic. Reflecting your pose in a uniquely shaped mirror or puddle adds visual interest.

Backgrounds That Pop

Display your adoration before backdrops that really stand out. Frame yourselves against pastel graffitied alleyways, murals of wall art, textured brick walls, or even planetary projections.

Holding Hands & Embraces

Sometimes simple affection says it all. Holding hands sweetly while walking together conveys mutual comfort and trust. Tight hugs show you literally have each other.

Fun Vacation Vibes

In your travels together, capture playful location-inspired shots. Pose before famous landmarks and picturesque viewpoints. Display your wanderlusting adventures as a duo!

Moody Dramatic Lighting

Brood together by candlelight or in moody sunsets. Position yourselves in flattering golden hour light or street lamps at dusk. Play with shadows and silhouettes for extra drama.

Instagram Couple DP

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